Commit a03de3fd authored by Andrew Okin's avatar Andrew Okin

Fixed shot lines going too far.

parent a6feceb3
......@@ -73,11 +73,12 @@ def toEnemy(origin, angle, enemy_mgr, shot_range=DEFAULT_RANGE, extra_dist=DEFAU
# By doing this, we significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to trace the shot to wherever it hits.
# Unfortunately, setting this value too high may cause the system to be inaccurate.
check_dist = 16
shot_slope = Vector(math.cos(math.radians(angle)), -math.sin(math.radians(angle))) * check_dist
shot_slope = Vector(math.cos(math.radians(angle)), -math.sin(math.radians(angle)))
check_incr = shot_slope * check_dist
check_pos = toVector(origin)
hit_enemy = None
for x in range(0, shot_range/check_dist):
check_pos += shot_slope
check_pos += check_incr
# Check each enemy to see if they've been hit.
# TODO: Optimize this. We probably don't need to check EVERY single enemy. Maybe just ones nearby?
for enemy in enemy_mgr.enemies_list:
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